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Linear Algebra My Linear Algebra book? Here you can find a downloadable copy of my Linear Algebra, an undergraduate text. The book's page has an in-depth description but briefly: it features the standard coverage of linear reduction, vector spaces, linear maps, determinants, and eigenvalues. It proves everything, but does so with an understanding that many students are just starting at proofs, and it also carefully covers the needed computations. Its extensive exercise sets are extensive and every exercise has a worked-problem answer in the answers book. In addition to that answer book, it comes with beamer slides for classroom use, and a lab manual that uses Sage. It has been used in classes here and at other schools many times. It is suitable for an instructor to adopt as a main text in a class, and it is also suitable for a student to use as a supplemental book or for independent study. I think it's pretty good!

My Introduction to Proofs book? Here you can find a downloadable copy of my Introduction to Proofs: an Inquiry Based Approach. It covers basic number theory, sets, functions, and relations. It is for a Moore method class, meaning that it has statements of the definitions and results, along with a few remarks, but it leaves for the class the fun of proving those results. It comes in two formats, one of which fits on just a few sheets that you can hand out on the first day. I have used it several semesters in our Proofs course so it is ready for other instructors to try.

Me, Jim Hefferon Me, Jim Hefferon? My page. Here you can find materials for my classes, such as syllabii and some slides from lectures. Finally, what would a home page be without some good links? I've got some for TeX and LaTeX, for Linux, and for a few other things.

SMC symbol Saint Michael's Mathematics Department? Here is the home page.. You may also want to check out the overall Saint Michael's College home page.

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