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A complete description of the major and minor requirements are here. So are some typical plans for four years. A hardcopy that you may find useful is available for downloading in the Mathematics Department Handbook (in postscript).

Also here is a departmental statement on secondary education.

Requirements for a Major in Mathematics
at Saint Michael's College

In addition to the College's other requirements, Mathematics majors complete these courses.

Typical four year major plans.

These are some programs that would suit mathematics majors with typical goals. They are here to give you a feel for which courses are usually taken when, but there is a great deal of latitude in our program, and they are not meant to be proscribed in any way. Please consult with an advisor to sketch out a four years that suits what you'd like.

In particular, note that all these programs are essentially the same for the first two years, so you need not have a fixed idea of what you would like to do in mathematics when you are starting out.

The first program is for a future high school teacher. Practice teaching is in spring of the senior year.

Year Fall Spring
First MA 109, CS 111 MA 111, MA 216, ED 231
Second MA 211, MA 251, PY 210, ED 271 MA 213, MA 303, ED 343
Third MA 406, MA 308, ED 360 MA 305, MA 451, MA 410
Fourth MA 401, MA 304, ED 361 ED 417, ED 424, ED 430

The next program fits someone considering a career as an actuary. This person could take the first actuarial exam in fall of the junior year and the second exam in fall of the senior year.

Year Fall Spring
First MA 109, CS 111 MA 111, MA 216, CS 113
Second MA 211, MA 207, PY 210 MA 213, CS 211, MA 303
Third MA 406, MA 251 MA 451, MA 303
Fourth MA 401, MA 417 MA 410

The third plan fits someone considering graduate school.

Year Fall Spring
First MA 109, CS 111 MA 111, MA 216, CS 113
Second MA 211, PY 210 MA 213, PY 212, MA 303
Third MA 406, MA 251, MA 207 MA 407, MA 214
Fourth MA 401, MA 405 MA 410

Requirements for a minor in mathematics
at Saint Michael's College

In addition to the College's other requirements, and the requirements of the major, Mathematics minors must complete these.

Typical four year minor plans.

This person is minoring in math with a major in chemistry.

Year Fall Spring
First MA 109, CH 105 MA 111, CH 109
First MA 211, PY 210, CH 204 MA 213, PY 212, CH 206
First CH 302, CH 305 MA 303, CH 304, CH 307
First CH 410 MA 417, CH 413, CH 415

This is an economics major with a minor in math.

Year Fall Spring
First MA 109 MA 111
First MA 211, EC 101 MA 213, MA 303, EC 103
First EC 205, EC 311 MA 451, EC 312, EC 317
First EC 315, EC 391, EC 410 EC 410, EC 335

A major in computer science to go with the minor in math.

Year Fall Spring
First MA 109, CS 111 MA 111, CS 113
First MA 211, MA 207, CS 211 MA 213, MA 208, CS 213
First MA 251, CS 303, CS 311 CS 313, CS 307
First MA 305, CS 407, CS 417 CS 415


All graduates of the Mathematics program at Saint Michael's College must master a core sequence of courses that establish a fundamental basis of mathematical knowledge, and must also succeed at elective courses that ensure grounding in a variety of investigational areas.

All graduates master Calculus, both two-dimensional and n-dimensional, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Probability and Statistics, and Abstract Algebra. Each of these are four-hour courses. In addition to these core mathematics courses, all graduates must succeed at four more three-hour courses, with the subject area selected by the graduate, in areas of mathematics such as Foundations, Geometries, Number Theory, or History of Mathematics. This combination in the Mathematics program of depth and breath gives all graduates the ability to go on to work well within a wide variety of educational, industrial, or instructional settings.

In the Saint Michael's Mathematics program, a special emphasis is put by all instructors on eliciting active participation from all students. Technology, from the routine use of calculators, to the use of sophisticated Computer Algebra systems, is integrated into courses wherever appropriate, to develop the material, to expand computational experience, and to encourage independent exploration. Students are at all times considered partners in the educational process.

The Mathematics Department is especially proud of the record of the graduates who have obtained certification in Secondary Education. The very important work of educating for the future is one that is taken as a key consideration in the construction, both of the overall program of instruction, and of the content of individual courses. The program required of graduates of Saint Michael's College guarantees both the technical ability at mathematics needed to convey the day-to-day material, as well as the appreciation for the larger issues in the subject, and of its role in science and our society, that are needed to teach towards a balanced understanding of the field as a whole.

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