LaTeX2e unofficial reference manual (July 2018)

This is a reference manual for LaTeX. If you want a tutorial then instead see this list.

Our goal is document all author-level commands. See below for the Table of Contents. Your comments and contributions, including bug reports, are very welcome. Our home page has more information, including license information.

This document is unofficial. It has not been reviewed by the LaTeX maintainers.

A note about links. Some characters cannot apppear in a web link. One such character is backslash and so our page for the paragraph command \par is named _005cpar.html (the representation of backslash in hexadecimal is 005c). For these hard to remember links we have alternative page names, in this case bs-par.html. These alternative names replace space with a dash, `-', replace backslash with `bs' and a dash, replace @ with `at' and a dash, and replace & with `and' and a dash. For instance, you can reach the page describing \@startsection with bs-at-startsection.html.

Short Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual